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Wife O' Bob

I missed the comic where it said she had her head lopped off. Must have been during my boycott of the comic due to the mind numbing Anna and Brian storyline. Seems a bit harsh for the writers of Mary Worth however. I would have thought they would have death enter the Santa Royale world ala heart failure while petting a kitty or quietly during sleep, but not decapitation.


Dear wifey -- actually, I made the de-nogginizing up. It was a car accident, but they didn't go into the injuries. In my mind, she got lopped.

Wife O' Bob

You made that up? I feel as if I don't know you anymore....You're supposed to be the calming yin to my raging yang.

BTW - I believe it is a common misconception that Jane Mansfield was decapitated. She was actually scalped. Not that it's much better.

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